It’s in the 3:00 hour. I’m in need of my bed, badly. Though my mind is going 100 mph and it won’t quit. Kristina (my friend who I threw the last minute shin-dig together for) just left. It really is annoying that she’s all the way down in Savannah. I love it whenever she comes in town because it’s almost guaranteed we’re going to stay up really late talking and just chilling out.

The good thing about it, is that even though we come from different backgrounds and lead totally different lives we get along famously, and relate to each other quite well. The common geek factor also helps. She is one of those friends that if you go for awhile without talking, when you do talk again you just pick up like you never left off.

The bad thing about it, is that when we do talk, we share deep thoughts and feelings. That in turn gets my mind going even faster, and my thoughts won’t stop. So then besides our conversation, and the one that I always having going on in my head, (*insert demented laugh here*) a thousand others come out from hibbernation. It takes me awhile to wind down anyways and try to quiet my thoughts, on nights like this it’s damn near impossible.

It’s nice though knowning that no matter what, you have your friends behind you. Just one of the many things I actually like about my life. My friends kick ass. (Or they know someone who will kick it for you for a low price.)

Thoughts for the night/day:

  • I actually like my life.
  • It could always be worse.
  • Happiness is what you make of it.
  • Words cannot descibe everything.
  • All work, and all play, make Alyssa a tired girl.

  • Silly wanna-be-tan-redheads should not use self-tanner.