I stood there staring at the selection on the table, trying to see which ones I didn’t have yet. Then I realized. I had them in every color available (that I liked). I shook my head and moved on to the next table, where the same realization went thur my head.

In the middle of the day on Friday I walked out of Victoria Secret and vowed that I needed a new hobby. It’s pretty scary when the sales lady knows you by first name, bra size and hosiery preference. Also just how many pairs of sexy panties does a woman need anyways? Note that I came to this conclusion after I had the pink striped bag in hand.

I didn’t even go to the mall with the intention of shopping. I went with the intention of chewing some abaft idiots out at Cingular / ATT Wireless, and walking out with two new cell phones. Instead I walked out of the store cursing the whole damn wireless industry and very quickly skirted past two of my weakspots, B.Moss and Limited. I purposely parked on the lower level so I wouldn’t have to walk past Cache. See… I was trying. Then I walked past Victoria Secret, and I swear, I didn’t have a choice but to go in.

See… I have this really bad shopaholic habbit. When I am stressed I shop. When I am depressed I shop. When I am bored I shop. Hell…. when I am awake I shop. I was just telling Abby yesterday how proud I was of myself that I hadn’t even gone on a mini-trip at all this week. Yeah, that lasted.

I susspose it could be worse…. I used to shop for shoes incesantly. Those take up more space than lingerie.