I hate Walmart with a sincere passion. I hate Walmart as much as I love coffee and my Jeep.

Walmart has now hurt my Jeep. Well, more like some @#$&%@# who hit my precicious Jeep in the parking lot and didn’t even have the balls to leave a note. The driver side is scratched up all to hell, and some slight dentage going on. Not any small scratches either…. nice deep long ones. I took a lot of pictures, (the training as an accident photographer has paid off many times over,) and going to fill out a report with the police tommarrow. Also talked with the manager at Walmart and they are going to give the police a copy of the survaliance viedo.

What makes this even worse is that last week the SU’s vehical got hit in the same parking lot, same row even. I will never ever again go to the Walmart on Gunbarrel Road in Chattanooga. I hate the damned place anyways, but somtimes it’s just quicker to duck in there as oppossed to five sepreate other places.

I hate Walmart.