The Mission? To find nails, as in the type to hang pictures and stuff.
The Place? Lowes
Why? Because you can actually run out of nails believe it or not!

So there I am in the middle of the “nails and screws” asile at Lowes. Puzzled completely as to what type of nails I need to hang pictures. Of course there isn’t a box labled “wall nails”. Nope, they are called “panel nails” or somthing else complicated like that. And of course they don’t come in the simple silver color that I remember, now they come in white, oak or brown. How boring.

Eventually, 15 mintues later I settle on a box. But here’s the kicker. Even though there were lots of men around me to ask, and I was asked multiple times as I wondered around the store if I needed any help, I didn’t ask for any. I was convinced that I could find the damned things, and select the right ones on my own, dammit.