I was browsing thur Barnes and Noble (one of my all time favorite stores) today looking for some “Geek” manuals. Of course I cannot contain myself to just one part of the store. I have to puruse the whole place, seeking our treasure.

I was in the religion section checking out some books on Judaism, which happens to be next to the Pagan section. I heard their voices before I saw them. They were the voices of teenage girls. Not just any teenage girls, but dumb ones. The girls were checking out the Tarot card display and talking non-stop.

“Wouldn’t these be great for the trip? We could so totally freak the others out.”

“Hey, why pay for a reading from some freak when there’s a guide right in the box with the cards?”

“These are really pretty! Look! They have faries on them!”

“After the trip we could decopauge them on to something and make coasters out of them!”

It took everything in me not to go over there and give those to bimbos a piece of my mind. The ignorance of people of things outside of their own belief systems pisses me off. What they were doing and planning on doing with their purchases I saw as a total mockary. Total dispresect to the art of Tarot and to the Pagan ways.

I didn’t use to think this way. I was brought up in the Seventh Day Adventist private school system, where we were encouraged to study and reasearch other religions and belief sytems. Even though, I was still closed minded to a lot of things. Then I met someone who made me question everything that I was ever taught and everything I knew. For the longest time I was pig-headed and insisited that my way was right and it was the only right way.
(Btw… I know your reading this. Thanks.)

Only after months later did I start to open my mind and study other paths other than my own. I started questioning in depth every aspect of my own religion. I regretted not paying closer attention in bible classes over the years, and found myself spending hours with various Pastors and professors seeking answers. I read everything that I could get my hands on about Judaism, Christianity, Pagan. I attented various religious services and spent alot of time writing. Also I started spending time studying up on Wicca and the other Pagan paths. I studied Tarot, Witchcraft, rituals, and mythology. I found memebers of those beliefs and contintued to learn.

The conversations that I had with myself during this time could only be called bizzare. As I was obbessed with finding the “right” path. I couldn’t seem to have an intelligent, full, well rounded conversation with anyone to discuss all the aspects. Because my Christian friends didn’t know squat about Pagans, execpt for the brainwashing we had recived as kids. My Pagan friends were a bit more knowledgeable about Christianity then I had expected them to be, but still I was unsatisified.

Conclusion Part 1: Religion is man made. God did not invent religion. Neither did the Goddess.

To try and make oneself fit into a box that fit someone else isn’t right. Even if you do make a choice to follow one particular religion/path, you have to decide for yourself what is right for you.

Conclusion Part 2: Just because you don’t understand somthing, dosen’t mean that it’s wrong. Just because it’s not right for you, dosen’t mean that it’s not right for someone else.

This rant to be continued at a later date.
My Ouija board is telling me to go light the Sabbat candles.

Disclaimer: My intention in this rant wasn’t to offend anyone. It’s a blog. Get over it.