I should never become a resturant/food critic.
Because I would eventually just become massively overweight all in the effort of making sure I did my job (food critiquing) efficiently. Also because I am way too picky.

Went to High Point II tonight, where here in Chattanooga they have two locations… the one on Mounteagle is somewhat better than the second one. The food was amazing. I introduced Robert to the wonder of Brie and wine. Their salads are very imaginative and the cheesecake was almost better than sex.

For being a “five star” restaurant their wine list was lacking dreadfully, and the quality of the decor wasn’t up to the standard that they were attempting to present. Our waiter was very knowledgable and one of the best I’ve ever had. (If I was still working resturant managment I would have tried to poach him.)

At ChattanoogaDineOut.com they recived a pretty decent score which impressed me because I consider Janet (the website owner and food critic) to have excellent taste. (Then again first time I met her was at a Chinese buffet….. Neither of us picked that location!)

Overall I’d have to say I was impressed for a second location.

Oh and did I mention that for the longest time in ages we didn’t have to worry about a high-chair?