I come to the conclusion that we need to move.
I actually decided this about a year ago, but then I realized that besides normal household crap, we’d also have to move a whole studio full of magic equiptment, props, illusions, hordes of sound equiptment, major lighting equiptment, oh and don’t forget all the books and cabinets full of “little stuff” (silks, cards, canes, etc….) So needless to say…. Lazyness won out on that war.

So the new decision is based upon the location of the mall. Every day I drive past it into work, every night I drive past it home. Another great shopping outlet isn’t located too far from my office, and one cannot forget the allure of the downtown boutiques. Everywhere I look there is shopping available at my fingertips. (But is there a BCBG or Kate Spade store located anywhere near Chattanooga? Nope… gotta go to Atlanta for that dammit.)

I was in need of some retail-therapy today. Badly. Considering that I hadn’t had any in oh…. about a week or so. On the way into work I heard that there was an accident up past the mall, so I figured I’d go shopping for a bit and let things clear up.

I planned on only stopping in at Victoria Secret. It’s near the entrance, I can usually walk out of there without dropping too much cash at one time, and considering that I’ve banned myself from shopping VS online… I needed a fix. Of course that wasn’t my only stop. I had to go see the girls down at B.Moss and catch up on the gossip, (and walk out of there with a hanging bag.) Had to go to Bath and Body Works, it’s next door to B.Moss afterall. Nine West was calling my name oh so sweetly…. I could hear it from the other end of the mall, but I figured that traffic was cleared up, and I wanted to get to work.

After todays “mini” trip I have come to the decision that we must relocate to someplace where I won’t have to drive past the mall every single day. That’s just cruel to a super busy shopaholic. I could never live in New York City. Oooooowwww…… (That was the sound of goosebump just thinking about the shopping. And the radio.)