I started looking for a new dog last summer. I wanted a Shetland Shepdog aka Sheltie.

We ended up with a Lab-ish pup that our neighbors had rescued. Dante was/is just adorable and is just so big and dumb. He deffinatly isn’t the brightest crayon in the box, but he’s just so cute! I still want my Sheltie though.

Well correction. I’d much rather add a Siberian Huskey to the family (Mom and I used to raise them.) But frankly I don’t feel like having my yard wired (it’s already fenced), cause Huskies love to pull escape tricks. Also they aren’t always the best to have around a smaller dog, and we also have a Minature Pincher. So right now the Huskey breed isn’t the best fit.

My Grandmother had a Collie who I grew up with and totally adored. She was my buddy. I think that’s possibly part of the reason why I want to get a Sheltie (a minature version), because I want Meggie to be able to have that same type of relationship. True, Meggie and Dante’ are about the same age, but he’s not exactly an indoorsey dog.

So I’ve been keeping an eye out for this new family member. So far I’ve gotten close but not quite. I’m being incredibly picky. I don’t need a dog with Champion bloodlines, show parents, etc…. I just want a mini-lassie. Sable & White, with certain blazing marks (even though the Blue Merle is beautiful.) How complicated is that? Well turns out pretty complicated. Actually like I said, I’m just being overly picky. I’m allowed.

I’ll know her/him when I find em’.
(And no….. I will not go to the Humane Society…. because everytime I go there I end up walking out with at least one, if not two, of somthing else other then what I went in there for in the first place!)