Note: If you haven’t read “Dissection” yet, you won’t get this.

Upon doing some more research on the Internet…I find this statement on the high school’s website…. ( )

“We wish to clear up the misconception reported in the news. The dog in this incidence was found in our mountains, by a family who tried to give it a home. The dog was vicious and couldn’t be kept, so it was taken to an animal clinic. The veterinarian kept the dog 14 days, but the dog was mean and not adoptable. It was determined that the dog would have to be euthanized. The advanced biology class consisting of 7 seniors and 1 junior traveled to the animal clinic, after each parent was contacted by phone for parental permission. One parent elected to not have her daughter attend. The animal was anesthetized under sterile conditions. Students observed the digestive system of the dog. There was no dissection, nor did the teacher or students have any contact with the animal. Both the teacher and veterinarian are kind, gentle people and advocates of animals. We apologize for anyone we have offended and wish to go on record as stating this practice will not be repeated in our school.”From the Gunnison Valley High School website.

*looks around for a shovel to dig though this pile….*

Good PR person…… too bad they were so stupid to even do the project to begin with. It still dosen’t change the fact that it’s wrong.