In the high school /secondary educational system most students will take a Biology class of sorts. One of the biggest debate issues between students, parents and teachers for years has been the participation of dissecting / vivisecting some type of animal / creature. Thanks to technology this sort of thing in my thinking isn’t that neccessary in a high school classroom. There are now computers and 3D models, etc…. students don’t have to cut a frog open to see how his innerds function.

The whole fact of an innocent creature dying for some high school biology class lession infuriates me. It’s a different matter when it comes down to upper level classes in college, because then we are looking at a whole different educational level.

I was reading today at Kitty’s blog ( ) and found a link to this article: “Class Dissection of Live Dog Outrages Parents, Students.” ( )

Personally it’s a very good thing this bastard is in Utah. I cannot believe that this is approved up by the school board for HIGH SCHOOL students. We are not talking pre-med here. Just high school. There is a special place in Hell for people like that.

I cannot even imagine that sort of thing even possibliy of taken place in my high school Biology lab. I still remember going ape over the dissection of a tape worm, and then later on a frog. After holding a perfect grade all year, I almost flunked that class because I refused to participate in the projects. After many afternoons of arugements with the School Board I was granted a relief. (Though my whole agument of dissection got thrown out, when it was brought to light that just a year earlier I had wrapped up a reserach project on DNA and chromosomal-abnormalities. I had used the Drosphila Melanogaster (fruit fly) and had bred and dissected the damned things.)

But dammit. Fly v.s. Dog. Hmmm…. let’s think here. We kill flies without even thinking about it. Dogs might as well be human. (Hell, mine think they are human.)

I just don’t understand how someone can get away with this. If my daughter was a student at a school that supported that sort of thing, she would be relocated in a heartbeat. Before we know it dissecting a dog in High School isn’t going to be “in depth” enough. Then they will move on to humans.

Euthanize the bastard who’s idea the whole thing was, after he’s dissected of course.
People are idiots.