I will be the first to admit that I have a lead foot. Thankfully I also have good cleavage, and a gift for talking my way out of speeding tickets.

Today I had to drive the SU’s (Spousal Unit) vehicle. And dammit…..that Toyota Camery can fly! Now don’t get me wrong…. My Jeep can cover some serious ground….but it’s a little heavier and needs more maneuvering as opposed to the lite sedan. When we got it just a few months ago I thought the SU was just being mean when he said he’d prefer that I not drive it because of the speed factor. Now I know different.

I tried to think back today as to when I developed my lead foot. I honestly think it’s in my DNA. My mother passed on to me my first car, her 1978 Firebird Trans Am. A wonderful speed demon vehicle. Unfortunately fate got to it before I had much of a chance to get pulled over in it.

After the Trans Am, I drove a little Ford Escort for a bit before I brought my new Oldsmobile Intrigue. A beautiful, fully loaded, entry level luxury sedan. I loved that car. Unfortunately my beloved Intrigue came to her demise in a near fatal accident off the side of White Oak Mountain two years ago.

For a bit I got to drive our Chrysler Sebring convertible. (Note to single women: If you want to get hit on big time…. Get a good looking convertible and drive around with the top down.) Soon my process of looking for new wheels began in earnest. I really wanted a vintage Mercedes or Jaguar, or some sexy little sports car. After find out we were expecting and needing to be a bit more practical, the SU brought me my Jeep for my Birthday/Valentines present.

Now days I’m happy wrecking havoc in my 4×4. There’s something powerful about driving a vehicle that you know can climb over rocks and tackle roads that aren’t roads. (But after my first rough off road adventure, and ended up with scratched chrome… I’ve decided to stick to more normal roads…)

I think I will always have a lead foot. I will probably pass this trait on to my daughter. My Mother passed it on to me….but I’ll teach Meggie how to flirt her way out of those tickets. *laughs* Just like my Momma taught me.

Disclaimer: My Mom didn’t really teach me how to flirt, but just like the “Lead Foot” I think a good deal of it has to be in the DNA code. By the way…I love you Mom!