“I think we’ll put you in just for seven minutes”
Said the very tanned girl at the counter looking at me oddly.

“Oh no Natalie, I put her in for nine last time, how about 12 Hon?”
Piped up the owner of the tanning salon.

“It’s o.k…you can say I’m white. It doesn’t offend me.”
I assured the puzzled looking girl behind the counter.
“I use Wite-Out for self-tanner…..”
Thankfully she laughed.

Yes I have a new addiction.
The Bronzing Bed. Similar to a Tanning Bed cept’ for that normally you won’t burn in a Bronzing Bed and you also don’t turn that odd reddish shade. Normally.

(Basically the big difference in the beds is the bulbs. A Tanning Bed tan the top layer of skin. They are more like natural sun. While a Bronzing Bed tans from the third layer of skin…so it takes longer to see results, but it looks better and is better for lighter skins.)

Don’t get me wrong…. I love being pale…. I love having some freckles and my skin looking healthy. True, I’m still under 30, but one can never be too careful. Which is why you probably ask “then why do it in the first place?”

Well because frankly my dear…. I can. Seriously though…. It’s a little bit of time away for me that I don’t have to be doing a dammed thing besides just laying there alone with my thoughts. Also it’s summer dammit and I need a little bit of color. I’ve already tried the bottled tan route this summer and no matter what brand I tried, what type, etc… I never ended up with a good all over tan. Certain areas would look good, and others would look pretty horrific. So after dealing with funny streaks and spots for a month I just gave up.

I might never manage to get actually tan all over. But at least I’m going to try. Don’t worry… I won’t end up looking like some strange freak of nature. (Most of the time really tan redheads just don’t look right. Lucky for my dear Lila, she can carry off a tan quite well. She knows I hate her for it.)

My legs will probably still be pale come August….but at least then I can wear a bathing suit out at the pool and at least not look like an Albino. Whomever heard of a blue eyed, redheaded Albino anyways?