I’m sure my co-worker with whom I share an office with, thought I had totally lost it when I jumped up from my desk in jubilation and screamed “YES!”

No… the other webpage that has become my everyday migraine wasn’t finally completed, I hadn’t just won the lottery, and I didn’t figure out a new cure for Retinoblastoma.
I acquired Neil Diamond tickets. Oh yeah …. Neil Diamond.

Neil Diamond is one of the artists that has influenced me the most in music. My Mother has tapes of me at the age of three singing “Coming to America” and “Crackin’ Rosie”. Much to the chagrin of my very strict classical piano teacher, his songs were the first ones that I played completely by ear. Early in college when trying to expand my lower vocal register, I’d pop in a Neil Diamond CD and serenade the whole interstate. (i.e. driving with the windows down singing at full volume.)

So while updating the concert calendar on one of the stations websites, I noticed on the Ticketmaster website Neil Diamond was coming to Atlanta. There was no question about it. I would have tickets. I have tickets. Oh hell yeah.

I didn’t think that it could get better than Barry Manilow. (Who I saw in concert when I was in middle school.) Needless to say now my next big one that I will have to see is Barbra Streisand.

Now if only October would hurry up and get here!