Alrighty. Seems like this spot on the web is getting a little popular and a decent bit of traffic. This is a good thing. This also generates some interesting emails and IM’s with some questions. So I’m going to start just answering them here….that way hopefully I won’t have to repeat myself too often.

Q: Are the entries in your blog always 100% true?
A: Yes. And the core of the Earth is made up of cheese, and once upon a time I was a White House Intern. Seriously though…. No. But people do have to realize that different things inspire me and various things get stuck in my head. Sometimes it might be a song, a pharase or even just a comment. When it get stuck in my head, there’s a good chance it might end up on my blog. There’s a lot of things swirling around in my mind though, that will never make in on here If you guys knew how weird I really am, you’d already have called the Men with White Coats on me!

Q: Why did you start a blog?
A: I’m a creative web geek. I got run over by Technology a few years back and haven’t been able to catch up ever since. In all reality I’m not that much of a geek…… (am I?) I like being up on the trends and finding various creative outlets.

Q: Are you really in radio?
A: Nope. I’m really just a bored geek with such of a lack of imagination that I couldn’t come up with any other industry better to work in than radio. *rolls eyes* I enjoy working for peanuts in a job that I freaking love. I waved goodbye to Law School a long time ago.

Q: When did you end up getting your tattoo / boob job?
A: Haven’t done either yet. The tattoo is waiting till Lila and I can make a road-trip to this guy in ‘Ville who specializes in Celtic designs. The boob job is waiting because I’ve not had time to start checking out surgeons. Also when I found out that sometime you have to have them re-done every 10 years or so, I figured I’d at least wait another year till I get it done. I’m still under 30 ya know. And good grief….I think that if I’d had gotten either one done I would hope I would have talked about it on here, or at least posted some pictures. (Don’t get your guys hopes up about any pictures other than the inking.)

Q: Are you Hot? (Had to include that one….. *bows to the forum crew*)
A: I’m a little closer to room temp.

Q: What’s been your biggest moment in being a blogger?
A: When I found out that my blog had been discussed on a radio show in San Fransisco. Also when I got a comment from the Webmaster of one of my favorite magazines Fast Company.

Q: Where’s the rest of the bottom picture on your blog?
A: On my computer. heh heh heh heh heh………

Q: Are you really a true Redhead?
A: (Note: The next person who asks me if the “carpet matches the drapes” someone is going to get hurt. Some have no tact or sense of decorum.) Yes. Though I’m not naturally Strawberry Blonde, I’m naturally Auburn/Dark Red.