I jokingly state that many of those who are in the radio industry (those that are on the air, or have been) have MPD. Multiple Personality Disorder. (Which in Psychiatry is now refered to as Dissociative Identity Disorder.)

This becomes even more complicated when you bring in the factor that a few have multiple names. I’m so used to being called “Alyssa” or “Red” that it jolts me a little bit to be called by my real name at times. Even though in all reality I’ve been know as “Alyssa” for about five years. What’s funny is when your own Mother calls you by your radio name.

What can be amusing is when someone will come up to you out in public and start bugging you. That’s when you are like “um…..my name is ________ not ________.” Then they totally get flipped out and you can act all flattered that you have a semi-famous twin. *laughs*

Mentally though you kinda have to have an MPD. Because out in the public you cannot have an “off” day. For example…..when I’ve worked for various companies before as a Spokesperson, I’d have people ask me at the most inopportune times about the company/product and you can’t be bitchy about it. Even if y ou’ve had the day from hell, because frankly….they don’t care. You are a representive. Because of this you become very aware about your “public” presence and who you are in “private”.

In all reality it comes in handy, but yet also it can be quite formidably complicated.