I’ve decided that I prefer books to men.

Now before you think that I’m really losing it let me explain.

One of my first loves was reading. My Mom taught me to read before I started school and that head start helped me out immensely. I spent more time in the Universities library in elementary and in academy then I did in my own schools. (And yes… I was the geek who was read Watson and Cricks “The Double Helix” for fun in seventh grade.)

No matter what has been going on in my personal life, my books have never left me. I’ve never had a book abuse me, hurt me, lie to me, not call, etc… On the same token I’ve never had an unbelievable night of sex with a book. But I have gone to bed with many more books, then I have men.

At night you are free to go to bed with a Science Fiction novel. Then the next day you might feel like reading a Historical Biography during your lunch break. You can roam along, turning pages of different books without the worry of another book finding out, or nowadays of catching a disease.

Books don’t care what you look like. Books don’t care if your legs are shaved. Books don’t care if you had a good time. Books don’t care if you are wearing a push up bra, or not even one at all.

I’m now starting to understand the whole thing behind the “single librarian” thing. What that stigmatized group of women knew…too bad the rest of us just didn’t realize they were pretty damn smart afterall.