I’ve been thinking too much for my own good as of late.
Relationships are tricky things.
Romantic relationships are even trickier.
Sexually romantic relationships are the trickiest.

I’ve been talking to a lot of people lately.
I know alot of people.
I know too many things about alot of people.
* Cues the music of “It’s A Small World” *

What totally cracks me up is the ammount of people on the internet who keep very detailed blogs about their sex life and whatever thoughts along those lines creep into their heads. Now I do read these blogs as they are quite fascinating and entertaining. But alas! You will not find links to those blogs here on my site. *laughs*

Looking at morals today….not so much of what is out in the open, but what is kept behind closed doors and curtains. I can only come to the conclusion that we are totally doomed. Either everyone is going to eventually die of STD’s, (well, in the deep south it will be inbreeding) and Hell is going to be a very populated place.

The difference between right and wrong, and what we convince ourselves inwardly of what is right and wrong. There is a vast difference between the two.

(I’m not sure exactly where I’m going with this…..I guess I can always claim later it was the Smirnoff talking…..)