I read this today on Kitty’s Journal.
Made me really stop and think. Also made me really depressed and grateful at the same time.

“We have all heard some version of the ‘shotgun’ parable. We all laugh at the thought of Dad greeting his little girls first boyfriend on the front porch polishing the shotgun, but we need to look at the message such parables are telling men. Fathers are afraid for their daughters. And they should be. Our daughters are vulnerable. Society encourages the objectification and propertification of women. The media sends a message to boys that girls are little more than body parts to be exploited for their own gratification. But, we can’t send a message to our daughter that she can’t take care of herself, or that boys are bad. Avoid pushing your own agenda or your fears onto her. We need to listen to her needs, encourage her strength, her savvy, her dreams and her sense of self worth. Instill your values in her. As fathers, we need to get off our butts and change media images and things in society that hurt our daughters? the responsibility of a father is to make the norm respect for all people, boys and girls, men and women, black and white. Treat her the way you want her to be treated [by men] and she won’t be interested in boys who only are only interested in her boobs instead of her mind.”– Interview with Joe Kelley, Executive Director of DADS, June 23, 1999

In her entry she made a quick note of thanks to her Father.

My Father wasn’t around while I was growing up. I don’t have many fond memories of him, and the fond ones have just as many nasty ones to match them. I was fortunate enough to have my now Step-Dad around though. He is more of a Father to me than my real Dad ever was. The funny thing is though I never called him Dad untill I was out on my own.

Now days I watch my husband with my Daughter. I couldn’t of asked for a better Dad for my little girl. I’m very grateful that she is going to have that solid Father figure in her life, that wasn’t in mine till later.

With the way that women are portrayed now in society, and how relationships get more complicated in life. Having that base becomes more important.

I missed having that solid and constant Father figure in my life growing up, but I never realized just how important it was till later on.