Don’t my neighbors know that they are stupid to have their music up so loud that you can hear it loud and clear with every thump from five houses away?

Don’t they know how stupid they are to get into a “sound war” with professionals?

Their wimpy little house and car systems can’t hold up to our professional Fender systems.

Some people are just stoooopid.

I found out awhile back that out here in these hills, there isn’t any noise ordances. Found this out when the other stooopid neighbors were in the road with their noisey dirt bikes at all hours. Called and reported the noise to the local officials….they said that there was not any noise ordance in place, but yet if they were on the road with the bikes, that was a whole different problem. Let’s just say that after a few phone calls to the right people, they aren’t in the street like they used to be.

Stoooopid people.