I have begun the process of learning how to eat fire.

So in my quest to eventually master this skill, I have been eating matches like it’s not funny. I figure that if I can get over throwing a lit match into my mouth, or extinguishing matches on my tounge, eventually I’ll be able to throw a lit torch in my mouth and blow out fire. Also I’ve been practing the whole movement process daily. Keeping your head at the right angle, the right breathing, holding kerosene (for now water) and breathing out, all while guiding a lit (for now un-lit) object into your mouth is quite a lot. Espeically when you read all the warnings about what can go wrong and what has gone wrong with others.
(I’ve also been doing my fair share of reserch and reading…but that’s not nearly as much fun to talk about!)

I never thought I’d be worried about buring the hairs in my nose. But if you don’t tilt your head back perpendicular to the floor, you will. Not fun.

I even have some “friendly” audience banter worked out…..cause you know there will be that one smart ass in the audience who will yell “Hey Baby…I got something you can stick in your mouth!” and of course I’ll have to reply “Dip it in kerosene and light it on fire!”