This sounds weird but it really occured to me today how much I’ve missed my daughter. By the time I get home in the evening she’s not up for too much longer before she goes to bed, and when she is I’m too worn out to really get super active. Tonight after work I picked her up at my Moms. We stayed around there for a bit and played some, then I brought her home. She was so tired, so I went ahead and put her to bed. I’m not getting much Meggie time, and when I do as of late I’m so tired and worn out I’m not much fun.

I fear my carpal tunnel crap is really starting back up. Figures. 5-8 hours at work with the computer. 1-4 hours at home on the computer. Adds up to about 5-12 hours a day at a computer. My wrists and hands are starting to hurt and get numb, like they did when I was playing lots of percussion, handbells, piano, oboe, and doing computer geek stuff in school.

Friday is a Holiday. I really want to take the day off. You know….take two days off in a seven day week. But I doubt I’ll take the whole day. I’ve got stuff to do. I’m slowly evolving into my former self. The Workaholic. I didn’t like myself then. I’m starting not to like myself now.