I have decided that I am going to get inked. Tattooed in other words.

This is somthing that I actually decided on two years ago….then Misty almost passed out. We went to the tattoo parlor together and she was getting her bellybutton pierced, and I was gonna get inked. She went first and would have hit the floor if I hadn’t drug her to the sofa in the lobby. So after seeing that….I chickened out.

Then I got married, got pregnant, and just decided not too.

Upon thinking about it again I reasoned that when I went back into radio I’d get it done. Nope. Didn’t do it then either.

Now I’m one day away from my daughters first birthday, and two days away from St. Patricks day and this Irish lass (should she have time) is planning on getting inked this St. Patricks day.

(Now watch me get even more slammed at work or chicken out again.)