My inner thoughts are brought to you by No Doubt’s “Return of Saturn” album.

“Cause I love to wash in your old bathwater
Love to think that you couldn’t love another
I’m on your list with all of your other women
But I still love to wash in your old bathwater
You make me feel like I couldn’t love another
I can’t help it….your my kind of man.” – Bathwater

“I’ll hold it, I’ll hold it all in
I’ll let it build up, oh, build a bomb
And blow it, blow it away
And clear it all out, just end it.” – Comforting Lie

“Some consistance and tangiability
Some casual light days
Part of the furniture
I want to take you for granted
And see you regular
So whatcha givin’ up for me?
What shall I give up for you?
The seperations tired
It’s been too long
Need to make it real
Need to have you here
Need to have you.” – Home Now

“Can you tell I’m faking it?
But I want to be myself
A conterfeit disposition
Can’t be good for my health
So many different faces
Depending on the different phases
My personallity changes
I’m a chameleon
There’s more than one dimension
I can fool you and attract attention
Camouflage my nature………………
The makeup’s all off
Who am I?
Magic’s in the makeup
Who am I?” – Magic’s In The Makeup