Well hell has frozen over. I fit into a size 4 jeans last night. Hell YEAH!
(Note I said that I fit into them….meaning that I got them zipped up and was able to move around comfortably. I didn’t say that I would be wearing them out in public anytime soon!) *laughs*

Been super busy lately. I’m wearing a new hat at work. “The Website Guru” / “WebMistress” / “Website Manager” / “The Geek Who Understands What The Web Designer Is Saying”. I’m really hoping that the hard work is going to pay off this week in the launch of one of the sites. My brain has become fried. Staring at a computer most of the day at work, and then again at home has my eyes fried too. Little gramatical errors I’m not noticing, yet I notice an error in an HTML tag. *sigh* Somthing ain’t right here.

I’ve also slacked off in my personal life. There are friends who I normally talk to every day who I might speak to twice a week now. Phone calls that haven’t been returned yet. Emails that haven’t been sent. Oh and my daughters first birthday is in about a week and I’ve not planned out the parties yet. Well, correction. I’ve done the basic first steps. She’s having two parties to accomadate family and friends.

I need to go get a massage. My back/neck/shoulders are killing me.