Role: DJ /Website Guru

Jeans: $60 Victorias Secret
Shirt: $30 Guess
Boots: $40 Proffits
Headphones: $100 AKG

Throwing a party for yourself and your listeners, while being behind the microphone and having the time of your life: PRICELESS. (But you might eventually go broke and find the need to get a second job or go into radio sales.)

Role: Mom (Staying at Home)

Robe: $40 Victorias Secret
Slippers: $35 Parisian
White Tank Top: $25 Spiegel
Old Navy PJ Pants: $15 Old Navy

Finding a pacifier nestled in your cleavage from where the baby dropped it, squished bannana on the front of new robe, applesauce splattered on tank top and it’s only 10am: PRICELESS!!!

*I stayed home today and have been attempting to work from home.*